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For some reason, the residents of Oakland, California, USA, from business magnates to regular income earning folks to homeless homies, tend to have a stereotype on metal roofing. The exact reason why we don’t know. As Oakland’s most trusted roofing company, however, we feel the need to, in fact, we feel immensely compelled, to come out here and debunk the myth revolving around metal roofing and does it justice even if doing that might put us at a risk of the so-called breakthrough covid 19 infections. After weighing the risks and benefits, we decided that we would take a small risk for the greater good of Oakland, CA and the greater good of humanity.

Metal Roof
Just as the name suggests, metal roof is a type of roofing system consisting of pieces of metals or tiles. The metal characteristics come with advantages and disadvantages relative to other types of roofing systems. Depending on specific usage cases, metal roofs can be extremely useful and advantageous over other materials. Throughout human history, varieties of metal roofs played a significant role from an economical and cultural standpoint in both the east and the west. In fact, the historic Lovamahapaya Temple in Sri Landa has copper roof shingles installed on top. Also, copper was used as roof covering by the Romans. As time progresses, copper and its alloys continued to be used as key material for roofing systems in medieval architecture and modern ones. As you can see, metal roofing and humanity go a long way back! At this point, are the residents of Oakland, CA still in disbelief? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

In order for one to appreciate the benefits of metal roofs, we aim to break down the benefits a metal roofing system can bring. The benefits are actually multi-fold: longevity, environmental friendliness, energy saving, economy, and lightweight.

As metal roofs are built to last up to 100 years, roofing contractors installing metal roofs often provide a 50 year warranty and property owners who install them often save money in the long term compared to asphalt shingle roofs.
As the earth is experiencing unprecedented human destruction, the use of metal roof can greatly reduce human waste because metal roof can be composed of a varying degree of recycled material and the whole roof itself is recyclable.
As far as extreme weather, meaning summer’s getting hotter with more thunderstorms and winter’s getting colder and snowier, metal roofs proved to be a great remedy. In high temperature, the metal reflects the heat away from the building. In low temperature, the metal’s insulating property kicks in and keep the heat inside the property, thus keeping the property warm. In both cases, significant amount of energy is saved which will otherwise be used on heating and cooling a property. Collectively, the use of metal as a roofing material on a large scale reduces the heat island effect in big cities like Oakland which will otherwise likely suffer from the same effect by using common material such as asphalt.

Structurally speaking, metal roofing is widely considered to be a lightweight roofing option as it creates very little amount of stress on the housing structure. Thus, using metal roofs on old and/or large building structure is a very advantageous.

Inevitably, metal roofs come with shortcoming, albeit few. If there’s any drawback at all of using metal as your roofing material, it would have to be the noise, which can be easily avoided. The noise only occurs when rain drops hit the roof which is not a common occurrence at all in Oakland, CA.

Overall, metal roofs bring more benefits than drawbacks. Due to the limit of this article, we can only talk so much. If you want to find out more about the metal roofing services offered by Oakland Roofing Pros including but are not limited to standing seam metal roof and corrugated metal roofing, please do not be shy and call 510-405-0869.

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