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Are you in search of a roofing system for your commercial building that can last long, is lightweight, flexible, durable, inherently fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and recyclable? If yes, then you may want to consider getting yourself PVC roofing. Let's take a look at why PVC Roofing is a great option.

What is PVC Roofing?

PVC roofing is a durable, polyvinyl chloride solution used on commercial and industrial buildings that have low slopes. PVC is very robust and durable as well. In fact, PVC has a much higher breaking strength than the minimum (which is set at 200 pounds per square inch) required by the American Society of Testing and Materials.

Characteristics of PVC Roofing

Here are some things you should know about PVC roofing in general:

  1. Durable - PVC roofing is incredibly resilient. It doesn't easily flex, break, or crack when it's hit with heavy objects, which can damage other coatings. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial buildings where safety is a concern.
  2. Lightweight - PVC roofing is lightweight, which means it's easy to transport and install. It can also resist punctures, tears, and abrasions from being walked on.
  3. Long-Lasting - Because of its durability, PVC roofing is also long-lasting. When it's installed on a commercial building, PVC roofing will provide protection for many years to come. This means you don't have to worry about your roof being damaged or needing repairs any time soon.
  4. Energy Efficient - PVC roof systems are known for their high reflectivity, which helps to keep the temperature significantly lower on hot sunny days. This puts less stress on insulation and extends the roof system's life in addition to saving you money.
  5. Recyclable - PVC roofing is both recyclable and re-moldable. This makes it a perfect choice for commercial buildings, especially when sustainability is a concern.

There are a lot more characteristics of PVC roofing to consider, but these are some of the most important.
Why is PVC Roofing a great option?

What more reasons to invest in PVC roofing? In summary, if you're looking for a long-term investment that not only pays for itself but also protects your building against water leaks, UV rays, chemicals, and other types of damage, PVC is an excellent choice.

Where to get PVC Roofing in your area?

Roofing is a complicated process that requires skill and expertise. The roof of your home or business is one of the biggest investments you will ever have to make. It covers all your belongings, protects them from the elements, and keeps out rainwater to prevent damage to floors and walls. Don’t trust this very important job to just anyone!

At Oakland Roofing Pros, we have been providing PVC roofs installation or repair in Oakland since 1991. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality workmanship at a reasonable price because we know that you want to get the most out of your investment. When it comes to PVC roofing, trust only the best, and Oakland Roofing Pros in Oakland, CA is proud to be the best roofing contractor in the community for 30 years!

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