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Clean energy is becoming increasingly popular. Why?

In many parts of the world, cold seasons have been colder than usual just as summer days bring warmer than usual temperatures.

As a result, people are becoming environmentally conscious. It might be time you should be, too!

Reach out to a local solar installer for your project!

Want to reduce your family's energy bills and help the world move toward a zero-carbon future?

Solar system installation may be the answer! It will dramatically reduce your energy bill and help protect the environment.

Panel installation costs are also at an all-time low. In fact, according to SEIA, solar power is expected to meet the energy needs of more than 13% of homes by 2020.

Switching to renewable energy

With the solar panels cost continuing to decline and solar companies making them more and more affordable, it might be time for Oakland residents to seriously consider switching.

There are many benefits of utilizing commercial or residential solar panels so it's no wonder that the city of Oakland is leading the charge in this growing industry.

Is solar panel installation worth it in California?

Absolutely! It can help save you money in your home by reducing energy consumption.

In California, the cost of installation has come down in recent years making it a more affordable option for Oakland homeowners who want to save on their electricity bill and energy usage.

Cost to install solar panels by local installers

A typical installation in Oakley, California is between $12,500 and $17,500.

Property owners can expect to see a significant return on their investment, with savings on electricity costs and tax incentives.

Tax breaks, local solar incentives, and other financing options in Oakland, California for using solar power

Oakland has a good incentive program, which includes up to 30% tax credit and a solar rebate for battery storage for systems installed from 2020 to 2022.

All California residents can access the federal solar tax credit, and the state offers several incentive programs and rebates to further encourage access, such as SGIP, ASESPTE, and the SASH Program.

It's worth noting that tax credits continually decrease, so you might want to act sooner rather than later!

Invest in Energy & Environment with one of the best solar installers in California!

Wikipedia reports that California leads the nation with more than 230,000 solar panels installed on homes.

As one of the top solar panel installers in California, Oakland Roofing Pros also offers local residents the most affordable solar electricity!

Additionally, while we enjoy serving Californians, there are times when our workload becomes too much that we refer work to another dependable electric company, such as Solar Edge or Simply Solar.

Oakland Roofing Pros is dedicated to making solar installation easier and safer

With decades worth of experience and expertise, our skilled professionals can show you how to get the most out of your panels.

We want you to save money on your electric bill!

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Lastly, the address we have for our business is 1731 East 21st Street, Oakland, CA 94606. However, we don't offer onsite service, so please don't stop by!

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